REWIND | rewind for a fresh start

REWIND | rewind for a fresh start

It’s undeniable to say that this unexpected pandemic crisis Covid-19, which confined us to our homes as the only form of combat, simultaneously enclosed us in so many other ways. This statement may seem an exaggeration, but since the first weeks or even, since the first days, we have been restricted not only from moving, but from so many other freedoms that we had as consecrated in our daily lives. However, this period did not limit us of thoughts, but intensified, molded, blurred or clarified them, in a daily, incessant and uncontrollable repetition.


Undoubtedly, this moment worthy of a dreamlike or cinematic universe and, however, without terminus, can today be established as a space and time, simultaneously, unusual, singular and unrepeatable for each one of us, as individuals and as an part of a community experienced in old, renewed and new forms, images and sounds, at different scales.


It is urgent to retain this unique moment and the online group exhibition REWIND presents itself as a result of the challenge launched to a group of renowned portuguese artists, to create unique artworks, in their particular context of confinement and with naturally limited resources*, which reflect on the questions, the patterns, changes and hopes that this time and individual, European and global condition instigate.

± MaisMenos ±, Aheneah, Catarina Glam, Mantraste, Pantónio, Raquel Belli, Tamara Alves, The Empty Belly and Tiago Galo, are part of the group that exudes a full diversity: of aesthetics, techniques, processes, formations, experiences, gender, generations and geographies. A diversity, which finds a parallel in the very European plurality that is celebrated with REWIND, a term that should never be understood as a setback or regression.


Contrarily, the set of pieces that are presented here, speak to us about new cycles, of returns, of new beginnings and rebirths, of old and new times that are told at different speeds, of touch, of tensions in the proximity, of shadows, of extremes, invisible enemies that reconcile, hope and peace.


REWIND is the contribution of nine voices, nine artists, who on May 9th 2020, on which Europe Day is celebrated, join a global stage that aims to exalt the whole that it represents and aims at the present and future for the European Union: solidarity, cooperation, cohesion, respect and resilience.





* all the artworks were done during the National State of Emergency (April 2020).


This exhibition is part of the multidisciplinary artistic project REWIND, promoted by the European Parliament in Portugal, which integrates a set of cultural activities produced specifically for the celebration of Europe Day, on May 9th 2020.


online group exhibition

9th May > 10th June 2020