FAZUNCHAR 2020 returns between 15 and 23 August

FAZUNCHAR 2020 returns between 15 and 23 August

After a successful first edition that generated 47 new works of art and hundreds of visitors, FAZUNCHAR returns to Figueiró dos Vinhos from 15th to 23rd of August 2020 for its 2nd edition. A party built by various types of Art, in constant dialogue between them, with this community and territory.


FAZUNCHAR will always be a 'doing' for Figueiró dos Vinhos and its people, an event that arised in its first edition as a response to a simple request: “we need to energize this municipality and be talked about by something other than fires, tragedies or mistrust”, but which is also the reinterpretation of this word, so that art reaches audiences in its most varied forms and, contrary to what happened with local traders, is understood, appreciated and experienced by all.


In the words of the Mayor of Figueiró dos Vinhos, Jorge Abreu:

"It is with great enthusiasm and expectation that we welcome the 2nd edition of Fazunchar " where art makes the party ", after the success of the first edition.

If, in the past, Malhoa and H. Pinto used canvases to portray aspects of Figueiró dos Vinhos, immortalizing them, today we use mural paintings and artistic interventions in the public space, improving their experience, reinforcing the affective ties of Figueiró natives with their traditions and its past, and building a future based on the new visitors / tourists who arrive in this territory to do business and that contribute to the sustainability of our lands, in what is already another point of tourist and cultural interest in Figueiró dos Vinhos”.


In 2020, it became even more urgent to guarantee accessibility to art, which is also why MISTAKER MAKER - Artistic Intervention Platform - takes over the organization and curation of a new edition that, in the words of Lara Seixo Rodrigues, "will reinforce its presence and occupation of public space, understood as the most democratic stage to expose unique and renewed views on cultural goods, heritage and everything that makes up this territory”.


In the face of a new context, the objective was never to lower arms, but to bring this festival of arts to Figueiró dos Vinhos again, safely in the face of the new reality, respecting all health standards according to the indications of the entities officers.


This edition of FAZUNCHAR re-integrates several artistic expressions, in constant dialogue between them, with the community and territory, and one of the great news is that in this edition interventions will take place in three new parishes, in addition to Figueiró dos Vinhos, making that art reaches new locations in the same municipality.


The interventions and activities include MURAL PAINTING, ARTISTIC RESIDENCES, INSTALLATION, CONCERTS, FILMS, community actions, GUIDED VISITS and WORKSHOPS. All with free access.


Among the guests of this 2nd edition of FAZUNCHAR, there are the names of some of the most promising artists on the international scene, such as the British HELEN BUR. Many other Portuguese artists are part of the 2020 program such as TAMARA ALVES, ADAMASTOR, MANTRASTE, among many others.


In music and artistic residencies, one of the highlights is SURMA's participation in this edition of FAZUNCHAR, an artist from Leiria and one of the biggest names in the emerging music acts in Portugal. In her artistic residency, Surma will be accompanied by Tamara Alves and, together, they will work inspired by the concept and dynamics of Fazunchar.


In addition to the execution of the MURALS that can (and should) be seen daily by the public, this 2nd edition of FAZUNCHAR presents a diversified program, which aims to complement and enhance the link between the public, the works and the participating artists.



The full schedule will be available soon.