MURALIZA | Mural Art Festival 2016

In its 3rd EDITION, MURALIZA maintained the (repeated) desire to renew the status of Cascais as the cradle of all the artistic expressions in the streets of Portugal and, inevitably, the sustained and qualitative growth of the art tour which, started in 2014, was at the time already set up as a new tourist and cultural point of interest in the Municipality and Vila.

In this new edition, aware of all the many facets of cultural, social and / or economic transformation that the MURALIZA transports itself, we change arms and luggage, which is as it says, with a lot of paint, a lot of color, a lot of animation and learning, to the Bairro da Torre.

During the 9 (nine) days of the festival, was possible to follow, in every step of the way, the group of talents curated by Lara Seixo Rodrigues, Paula Bonet (Spain), Moneyless (Italy), Kruella d’Enfer (Portugal), Daniel Eime (Portugal), Mar (Portugal) and the local artist Add Fuel (Portugal), painting large and medium-size murals, always inspired by the innumerable and unique characteristics of the region and, peculiarities of this social housing district built in the 60's.

In a similar way to the previous editions, for the last days of MURALIZA were programmed guided tours (in Portuguese, English or Spanish), open to all the population and interested people.
Looking for a greater proximity between the local community and the artistic practices / techniques that are used in the street, we propose in this 3rd edition, a workshop de lettering oriented Halfstudio, that develop his artistic practice in this area.

Public Art Event



Cascais – Bairro da Torre, Portugal


Paula Bonet (Spain), Moneyless (Italy), Add Fuel (Portugal), Kruella d’Enfer (Portugal), Daniel Eime (Portugal) and Mar (Portugal)


lettering oriented by Halfstudio (Portugal)

Guided Tours

oriented by the curator Lara Seixo Rodrigues

Artwork created


Artist: Add Fuel (Avarina)

Artist: Paula Bonet (Sa Nuvia Morta)

Artist: Kruella d’Enfer (Under the Sea)

Artist: Moneyless

Artist: Daniel Eime (Capitão)

Artist: Mar (Passeio no Parque)

See teaser 01

See teaser 02

Photo Credit: Miguel Oliveira

Video Credit: André C. Santos

On the Map

AVE | Advertising Value Equivalency 2016 € 33.592 (€ 31.216 national + € 2.376 international)

AVE | Advertising Value Equivalency 2017 € 47.015 (€ 38.207 national + € 8.808 international)

AVE | Advertising Value Equivalency 2018 € 32.436 (€ 32.287 national + € 149 international)

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