THE HOOD opened its doors in November 2019 with the fundamental goal of creating an art-related community and a real bond between visitors and residents of the region. It intends to be the heart of urban culture, welcoming national and international artists through exclusive curatorship by Mistaker Maker | Artistic Intervention Platform.

Despite the strange moments lived under the Covid-19 pandemic crisis, in May 2020 we returned to THE HOOD, for the renovation and preparation of the reopening of this space, which stands out for its strong commitment to valuing, experiencing and living through Art and Culture.

The most prominent interventions in this new phase of THE HOOD were the 3 buses delivered to the talent of 3 of the most recognized Portuguese urban artists: Oker, Samina and TheCaver, who transformed respectively a Bristol bus, an Army bus and a School bus into 3 unique works of art.

Site Specific Intervention



Dolce Vita Tejo | UBBO


curation, development and production


Amadora, Portugal


Oker (Portugal), Samina (Portugal) and TheCaver (Portugal)

Artworks created