2020 marked the return of Mistaker Maker to Águeda, a city in which, since 2014, we have carried out several interventions that integrate the Urban Art tour that includes pieces by Millo, Halfstudio, Daniel Eime, Bordalo II, TheCaver, etc.

In an atypical year like this one, the annual event Agitágueda, unable to develop its usual program, reinforced its presence in the public space, with a set of artistic interventions.

The first of them by the multidisciplinary Portuguese artist AkaCorleone. As usual in his work, what he left us in Águeda has an unparalleled graphic richness, which allows readings of proximity and territorial connection, leaving no one indifferent. He was inspired by several references to reach this result, going through history, ethnography, fauna, flora and even the symbols of the region and the precise context of this work.

The second intervention was made by Dourone. Dourone come from Spain, have connections to France and are based in Belgium. Their work is based on the female face, today’s women and how they live and think in the 21st century. In the preparation of the proposal for this mural, a happy coincidence happened. In search of more references to compose the proposal, the artist asked for help from a Portuguese couple who lives in front of their studio. From a simple question, comes the answer that one of them was born in the Águeda region and spent all their childhood in this city. Stupefaction became enthusiasm and thus, the history of this intervention began to be written. In the context of the work they are currently developing, capturing the movement and adapting the human species to a planet that is constantly changing, they decided to portray the daughter of this couple, as a witness to a new generation and a new future. Ana symbolizes youth and the generational transition, which is part of the global, but which does not forget the local, in this case, Águeda. "Ana 00:00,02" or "2 seconds of Ana", symbolizes movement, color in constant vibration and a look ahead.

The third and last one was in charge of the artists Draw & Contra and pays homage to a typical character of this city, Zé Cheta. Not having much information about this character, who was earning pennies doing errands and delivering orders, we can say that the affection of the people of Águeda was felt from the first moment. A true example of empathy and (possible) diversity to be promoted in communities.

Public Art Event



Águeda City Council


curation and co-production


Águeda, Portugal


AkaCorleone (Portugal), Dourone (France + Spain) and Draw & Contra (Portugal)

Artworks created