Mistaker Maker was invited to take some Urban Art to Águeda to integrate the AgitÁgueda programme, which was founded in 2006 and since then has contributed enormously to the cultural panorama of the city.

The first of the artists who performed in the city was Mário Belém, with 'Beyond the Bridge', a 160m2 mural reinterpreting the local legend of the Alfusqueiro River.

Daniel Eime was the next artist to perform in the city, to whom was destined the main entrance wall of the Municipal Library Manuel Alegre.

During our visit to Águeda, we also held a stencil workshop, open to the entire population and interested ones. For this action, which was integrated in the programming of Agitágueda, the role of trainer was also given to the artist Daniel Eime.

Public Art Event



Águeda City Council


curation and co-production


Águeda, Portugal


Daniel Eime (Portugal) and Mário Belém (Portugal)


stencil oriented by Daniel Eime (Portugal)

Artworks created


Artist: Daniel Eime (Alegre) | Photo: Miguel Oliveira

Artist: Mário Belém (Lenda do Rio Alfusqueiro) | Photo: Pedro Batista

Workshop: Stencil by Daniel Eime | Photo: Marilyn Marques

Photo Credit: Miguel Oliveira, Pedro Batista, Marilyn Marques and Mistaker Maker

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