After the success of the interventions carried out at Águeda in the year 2014, Mistaker Maker was once again invited to take the best of national Urban Art to the city within the ambit of Agitágueda, which was founded in 2006 and has greatly contributed to the cultural panorama of the city.

Bordalo II was the artist chosen and challenged to build, in the heart of the city, a large-scale installation. The artist occupied the Main Square of the Municipality of Águeda with the construction of an animal / amphibian characteristic of the territory of Águeda. Of the research carried out, it was highlighted the Rio Vouga site, labeled as a Special Conservation Area, which serves as a refuge for an immense biological diversity, in which some species with international protection status are found. Among these, the artist, for his aesthetic characteristic in the use of strong and appealing colors, selected a species that was the source of inspiration for this piece: the Salamander.

This work distinguishes itself, from others from the author, by being placed on the ground and not having as support a wall. The body of the piece consists of three motor vehicles, several tires and plastic containers ... of course, everything was waste.

Public Art Event



Águeda City Council


curation and co-production


Águeda, Portugal


Bordalo II (Portugal)

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