After the success of all the interventions performed at Agitágueda in past years, Mistaker Maker was again invited to take to the city some of the most respected artists from Portugal and abroad.

Seeking to give greater projection to the event, in this specific area of Urban Art, we brought to the city for this edition, an internacional artist: the italian Millo.

The interventions were spread throughout the territory and the choice of artists had as specifics the use of color and the type of structures that each would paint.

In the aftermath of the work, it was with great enthusiasm and gratitude that we observed the well-known and specialized WideWalls platform (Switzerland), electing the mural produced by the Italian Millo, as the best work of 2016 worldwide.

Public Art Event



Águeda City Council


curation and co-production


Águeda, Portugal


Millo (Italy), Godmess (Portugal), Halfstudio (Portugal) and TheCaver (Portugal)

Artworks created


Artist: Millo (Love Prisoners)

Artists: Halfstudio (Tão Bela e Preciosa)

Artist: TheCaver (Gente que Sente)

Artist: Godmess (Aguardar)