Alberto Montes (b. 1995), graduated in Fine Arts from the University of Seville, is a young plastic artist who has participated in numerous projects, including the II Bienal Universitaria Andaluza de Arte Contemporáneo (BIUNIC, 2017), CREENÇA (Berga, 2018) ), HOMELESS (Miami, 2018), Void Projects Residency (Nueva York, 2019), TÀPIA Collective Show (Barcelona, 2019).

His work has already been distinguished with several awards, from which we must highlight: 1st Medalla de Oro de la beca El Paular (Segovia, 2017) and 1st CREA JOVEN Award (Sevilla, 2018).

Recently, he has participated in urban art festivals, such as Limit Festival (Avià, 2018), 12+1 Project, Contorno Urbano (Barcelona, 2018), Gargar Festival (Penelles, 2019), M.I.A.U. (Fanzara, 2019), Wide Open Walls (Sacramento, USA, 2019), M.A.U. Festival (Coria del Río, 2019), HOMEMURALFEST and GUAU (Torrellas, 2020).