Puerto Rico

Hailing from Barranquitas, Puerto Rico and currently living in Houston, Ana Maria Ortiz (Ana Marietta) started painting on old wood pieces with tempera paint as a little girl in her dad’s wood shop in Barranquitas. 

Getting into the University of Puerto Rico Mayagüez, she studied art and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Animal Science. 

Known by the local art scene for her humanoid creatures, Ana paints and draws animals with exaggerated anthropomorphic features, creating sympathy for her iconoclastic subjects in a society of stereotypes with sensibility and dark humor. These noble beasts, that seem to look at us in silence, represent more than a design but a language that each must adapt to their own understanding. 

Ana’s skills to create large-scale murals have been recognized in multiple cities for the subtle brush strokes and shading of hybrid creatures that bear her signature beaks and human-like eyes.