After working as a Designer for 5 years for different advertising companies and magazines, she decided to dedicate herself entirely to illustration. She attended the Children’s Illustration Course at Eina in Barcelona, ??put together a portfolio of works and went on the road. Since 2014 she collaborates regularly in editorial projects, magazines and books mainly aimed at children, advertising campaigns and packaging.

She explores screen printing as an experimentation technique: she likes to play with solid shapes, textures and color overlays.

In her spare time, she creates illustrations and pieces that fill the window of her online store, uses conventional printing techniques but also silkscreen, risography, ceramics and remains attentive to new possibilities of application of the illustration. The most recurrent themes in Ana Seixas' work are interior and exterior exploration, in relationships with animals and nature, in real and imagined landscapes.

She works as a freelancer and lives in Porto with her two cats.