Bárbara R. is a communication designer and illustrator.

She has a degree in Communication Design from ESAD Matosinhos and did an internship at ESA Lorient (France). Later, she completed a professional photography course at IPF Porto and a few years later a master's degree in Illustration by ESAG.

She worked for some companies in Portugal, France and Canada. She was co-founder of Feia - Associação de Ilustração and participated in several single and collective exhibitions, as well as several workshops.

She was part of the organizing committee of the 8th and 9th Encounters of Illustration of S. João da Madeira, where she was also responsible for the entire image of the event. 

In 2017 she self-published the book “O Sol da Sra. Azul”.

Currently she works in the area of graphic design, textile illustration and editorial.

Books and travel are always present in her life. She grew up surrounded by greenery, seeing mountains in the distance and with the sea at her side. She has lived in several places and, at this moment, she returned to Porto, a city that has always filled her heart and where she is dreaming of future projects!