WOOL | Covilhã Urban Art 2011-2021

THE WOOL | Covilhã Arte Urbana 2011-2021 is a book that celebrates precisely ten years of WOOL and that makes a retrospective of the life of this project. This document, with more than 300 pages, has texts by curators, researchers, designers and artists located at the start of the book, as a kind of reflexive opening for what follows. And what follows is a decade of art in public space. A narrative organized over the years that opens a reflection on WOOL as a meeting place and presents the artists with whom the festival collaborated, photographs and words that detail the mission of this initiative and importance in the territory, namely in relation to the work that was been developed in Covilhã, but also for all other national and international geographies where it acted *.

This is, therefore, a book about identity, memory, about the transformation of territories, their communities and imaginaries. About the transformation of people by people, places by people and people by places and inevitably, by art.

This book is also a document that makes it possible to verify and affirm that WOOL is a central part of the history and development of Urban Art in Portugal, either because it presents itself as the first festival of this type of artistic expression in Portugal; as it is the national entity that, in 2013, took the first group of Portuguese people to Paris, to join the world-renowned Tour Paris 13 project, which received 116 artists from all over the world and which would prove to be the precursor of the international careers of several Portuguese artists, such as Pantónio; or because it challenged and launched artists who are now recognized worldwide, such as Bordalo II, Add Fuel or Mário Belém, among others; without forgetting the fact that it is a case study in numerous master's and doctoral theses that address topics such as transformation and identity of territories, community, co-creation, artistic residencies or tourism, among others.

The book launch of WOOL | Covilhã Arte Urbana 2011-2021 took place in the Salão Nobre of the City Council of Covilhã, with the presence of the researcher and curator Inês Moreira, the engineer, manager and cultural programmer João Aidos, the councilor José Oliveira and the resident, immortalized in one of the murals, recognized by Mr. Viseu, whose contributions delighted a packed room.


  • Format _ 21,9 cm x 29,3 cm
  • Number of pages _ 332 pages + guards + hard cover
  • Raw material _ Arctic Mate 150 grs (core) and Munken Polar 150 grs (guards), 2.5 mm cardboard coated with Assuan Gris 5060 canvas (cover)


  • WOOL founders _ Lara Seixo Rodrigues, Pedro Seixo Rodrigues and Elisabet Carceller
  • Inês Moreira, curator and researcher
  • João Aidos, engineer, manager and cultural programmer
  • Luís Veiga, administrator of the Natura IMB Hotels and IMB Group
  • Sergio Beltrán, cultural agitator, designer and occasional artist
  • Artist testimonials


  • 435 color photographs
  • 10 black and white photographs

Digital contents:

  • Map of WOOL interventions
  • Video recording of interventions by artists Vhils, Kram, ±MaisMenos± and WOOL ON TOUR 2012
  • Films from WOOL editions 2017 to 2021
  • Map of LATA 65 shares
  • Films (various recordings) about the LATA 65 project
  • Text author Joana Poejo for the staged visit (WOOL 2019)
  • Photos that were part of the community exhibition “Intemporal’ (WOOL 2019)
  • Soundtrack by author Defski (2021)
  • Information and access to the "Talk2me" platform + list of Qr Codes for the murals
  • 2011-2021 Manifest


  • Editorial Coordination _ WOOL Team
  • Text editing and proofreading support _ Cristina Soares and Filipe Serra Carlos
  • Translation _ Sónia Teles Fernandes
  • Graphic Design _ João M. Machado
  • Photo Credits _ André C. Santos, António Correia, Bruno Lopes, Elisabet Carceller, Gonçalo Xavier Cody, Lara Seixo Rodrigues, Marco Aurélio, Marijke van Biervliet, Miguel Oliveira, Paulo Arraiano, Pedro Seixo Rodrigues, Rui Gaiola and Tiago Pinheira
  • Printing and Finishing _ Maiadouro

WOOL numbers:

  • 2011 > 2021 _ 10 years of activity
  • 8 editions in Covilhã
  • 43 actions (initiatives and projects in different locations) in total, by national and international territory
  • 127 artistic interventions (murals and installations)
  • 48 Portuguese artists
  • 26 foreign artists