Burry Buermans, is a young Belgian artist (b. 1982) living in Portugal. 

As a child, he had a curious look at art and the innocent dream of becoming an artist himself. Buermans did not study art, he studied education, but he always experimented with different artistic forms. 

He traveled a long way in search of his own means of expression and artistic style, until he accidentally found the collages. 

His life motto is 'chase your dreams, wherever they take you', and so he recovered old Trabant cars, started a theater company, produced and decorated his own parties and… hitchhiked around the world. During one of his trips through Latin America, in Panama, he was shot by assailants. This shocking event further reinforced his passion for life. 

Back in Belgium, he worked as a teacher and coordinated a youth support service. In the summer of 2012, he moved to Portugal to focus on his work as an artist, making collages, and fulfilling his dream.