1994 – 2019 _ These are 25 years of history of men and women, of socially and economically vulnerable people, but also 25 years of reflection and identification of social solutions adapted to the reality and demands of today's world.

CAIS has evolved over its 25 years in terms of identity and positioning and, above all, solidified its intervention, where nobody is excluded, where ALL COUNTS.

CAIS Urbana exhibition is the result of a challenge launched by the CAIS Association to Mistaker Maker, an artistic intervention platform that promotes the production and promotion of contemporary art projects and exercises in all its forms of expression.

From challenge to challenge, 27 of the main national references, joined this cause, and from a common base gave wings to their creativity in the construction of unique pieces.

From June to November the pieces were exhibited, in several places, in the cities of Lisbon, Porto, Coimbra and Almada, until the final auction.

On November 21, 2019, the pieces were exhibited at the Museu Nacional dos Coches - Picadeiro Real, in Lisbon, starting the online auction, which took place with the support and management of the renowned auctioneer Palácio do Correio Velho.

The auction and project would end with the raising of 26,100 euros, delivered to CAIS to continue its meritorious work.

Artists | Locations:
±MaisMenos± | Coimbra, Convento São Francisco
Aheneah | Lisboa, Ritz Hotel
AkaCorleone | Coimbra, Coimbra Shopping
André da Loba | Porto, Symington Family Estates (Caves)
Catarina Glam | Porto, Norte Shopping
Daniel Eime | Lisboa, Fundação Champalimaud
Draw & Contra | Lisboa, Dois Corvos - Cervejaria
Fahr 021.3 | Lisboa, Museu Nacional de Arte Contemporânea
Godmess | Almada, Santuário Cristo Rei
GonçaloMar | Porto, Cais – centro Porto
Halfstudio | Almada, Museu da Cidade
Hugo Makarov | Lisboa, Cervejaria Trindade
Kruella d’Enfer | Porto, Igreja São Francisco
Margarida Fleming | Porto, Palácio da Bolsa
Mariana a miserável | Cascais, Museu Paula Rego
Mariana Rio | Lisboa, Fundação Oriente
Mário Belém | Porto, Aeroporto Francisco Sá Carneiro
mynameisnotSEM & Mariana PTKS | Lisboa, Estação de Comboios Roma - Areeiro
Monk | Lisboa, Aeroporto de Lisboa
Mosaik | Porto, Loja Guerin
Tamara Alves | Porto, Estação de Comboios de Ermesinde
TheCaver | Lisboa, Centro Comercial Colombo
Third | Coimbra, Salão Brasil
Tiago Galo | Lisboa, Museu da Presidência da República
Vhils | Porto, Casa da Arquitectura de Matosinhos

Was also developed APP CAIS URBANA, an application that allows users to discover the exhibition place of each piece, its authorship, and a small synopsis of it. It also allows you to trace the best routes to visit them.

Application developed by: BABEL and OutSystems
Associated Insurer: Tranquility

More information about the action at:

Art exhibition



CAIS - Social Solidarity Association


concept, curation, graphic identity, development and co-production


Lisboa, Porto, Coimbra and Almada, Portugal


±MaisMenos±, Aheneah, AkaCorleone, André da Loba, Catarina Glam, Daniel Eime, Draw & Contra, Fahr 021.3, Godmess, GonçaloMar, Halfstudio, Hugo Makarov, João Varela, Kruella d’Enfer, Margarida Fleming, Mariana a miserável, Mariana Rio, Mário Belém, mynameisnotSEM & Mariana PTKS, Mosaik, Tamara Alves, TheCaver, Third, Tiago Galo and Vhils (Portugal)

Artwork created

Phase 01 - identity _ 2

Phase 02 – exhibition _ 25

Phase 03 –auction _ 26.100 euros raised

25 Years Cais stamp developed by Ana Martins and João Varela

Artist: ±MaisMenos± (Cais da Alteridade)

Artist: Aheneah (Pardal)

Artist: AkaCorleone (Caos)

Artist: André da Loba (Naquela Maré)

Artist: Catarina Glam (Coração Sem Abrigo)

Artist: Daniel Eime (Envolto)

Artists: Draw & Contra (Juntos ao Luar)

Artists: FAHR 021.3 (Por Dentro)

Artist: Godmess (Já olhou lá para fora hoje?)

Artist: GonçaloMar (Homeless)

Artists: Halfstudio (Partilha e Respeito)

Artist: Hugo Makarov (As voltas que a vida dá)

Artist: Kruella d’Enfer (The Key)

Artist: Margarida Fleming (Metamorfose)

Artist: Mariana a miserável (Abraçar o gesto)

Artist: Mariana Rio (Íntegro, Integração, Integral)

Artist: Mário Belém (Mala de Cartão)

Artist: João Varela (Todos Contam)

Artist: Mosaik (Simple as Love or Hate)

Artists: mynameisnotSEM & Mariana PTKS (Vinte e Cinco)

Artist: Tamara Alves (I will mean something to you)

Artist: TheCaver (Desbrotar)

Artist: Third (Dia / Noite)

Artist: Tiago Galo (Danificada mas Feliz)

Artist: Vhils (Cais)