If in 2016, the Municipality of Estarreja presented ESTAU as an event that intended to place Art and, specifically, Art created in a public space, in dialogue with the historical, architectural, linguistic, documentary, natural, ethnographic and social heritage of this territory; we can now confirm the uniqueness of this action.

Year after year, artists from the most diverse disciplines are challenged to look at and work on this set of identity assets and embody them in new values of memory and exemplarity, through different conceptual, aesthetic, plastic and visual reflections.

It is in the light of this curatorial orientation designed by Mistaker Maker, and with the creation of a work of public art in homage to the “Portuguese chair”, born in the 1930s in Estarreja, more specifically in Avanca, that ADICO's 100th anniversary is celebrated, in that "which seemed to be the precise moment for Art to help us tell the story behind this renowned piece of design and (re)define its genesis geographically and forevermore", according to the words of curator Lara Seixo Rodrigues .

Of authorship by Diogo Aguiar Studio, “Círculo Azul” and in the words of the author: “it is a new public space in the verdant Parque Municipal de Antuã. It is built as a pavilion laced in the landscape, based on the reinterpretation of the traditional ‘Cadeira Portuguesa’ 5008 (portuguese chair). Giving it a prominent place, due to its elevation in the territory, the artistic intervention works on the dematerialization of the chair through its repetition from 40 units geometrically positioned and manipulated to allow a privileged view of the surroundings.”

“Círculo Azul” exemplarily fulfills the initial objective of an artistic tribute to the ‘Cadeira Portuguesa’, but it goes much further. It constitutes a new equipment for the community to enjoy, as a new place for sharing and socializing, for intimacy and proximity for new dialogues, exulting in this singular way, the function and reason for existence of the honored piece.

In this process, the centenary ADICO assumed itself from the first moment as a partner and responsible for the construction of the work created and signed by Diogo Aguiar Studio, proving its path marked by boldness, innovation and success”. The same path “which resulted in one of the main icons of Portugal – the Portuguese Chair -. An object that is today an unavoidable reference in Portuguese design, but which is increasingly a reference in the world".

This action comes within the scope of the application “Discovering and Experiencing new Estarreja/Aveiro/Covilhã territories”, led by the Municipality of Estarreja, for the Cultural Network Program financed 100% by the Regional Operational Program of Centro 2020.

Site Specific Art Intervention



Estarreja City Council


concept, curation, development and co-production


Estarreja, Portugal


Diogo Aguiar Studio

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