Clara Não (b. 1993) is an illustrator based in Porto. She has a BA in Communication Design, by the Fine Arts College of Porto; and in her third year of course, Clara studied, thanks to the Erasmus program, at the Willem de Kooning Academie, in Rotterdam. There, she focused her studies in Illustration and Creative Writing. Later on, she finished her MA in Drawing and Printing Techniques, researching the fabular relationship between Drawing and Writing. 


Her illustrations stand out by their irreverence and irony, using them to reclaim equality, deconstruct social tabus and explore personal experiences.


Last June, Clara launched her first book, published by Ideias de Ler, entitled “Miga, esquece lá isso! — Como transformar problemas em risadas de amor-próprio” (Something like “Girl, let it go! — How to transform problems into laughs of self-love”).


In her spare time, Clara sings Britney.