Warehouse is an architecture and art collective founded in 2013. 

In the search for what architecture is nowadays and what role the architects play, Warehouse justifies its architectural praxis through design, experimentation, mediation, civic participation processes, collaboration and practical intervention.

Warehouse develops participatory architecture projects in the cultural and social scope. These processes lead to results with greater impact in the emerging urban landscape.

Warehouse seeks to contribute to the collective and responsible construction of the public and private space. We understand the role of the architect as a mediator, aware of the impact that urban space activation initiatives and social interventions have with the communities that inhabit the city.

The idiosyncratic factor of the collective is its ability to design and build their own projects. Hands-on approach is transversal in our practice.

Warehouse develops collaborative projects because we believe that through co-creation and multidisciplinary, it’s possible to achieve better results.