The Portuguese Football Federation (FPF) sponsored a public art project, in partnership with several Municipal Chambers and a group of eight national artists. Based on the "Conquer your Dream" movement, launched by FPF, it aimed to inspire and motivate the Portuguese to pursue what makes them happy and the Portuguese football team to conquer the next World Cup.

In this project, the organism that supervises the national soccer involved municipalities from north to south, from the interior to the litoral of the country and counted on the collaboration of the curator Lara Seixo Rodrigues.

The group of selected artists presented renowned names and emerging talents of the national urban art scene, with works elaborated from graffiti to stencil, going through all the genres, aesthetics and techniques usually referred to as post graffiti with contemporary influences of figurative illustration.

The pieces and murals developed under this project are unique and unprecedented representations of the "Conquer your Dream" movement, without any lucrative purpose and with the sole purpose of serving and inspiring the Portuguese, working in a more winning, ambitious and capable collective mentality.

Public Art Project | Marketing Activation



Federação Portuguesa de Futebol


curation and production


Covilhã, Portugal
Portimão, Portugal
Beja, Portugal
Porto, Portugal
Aveiro, Portugal
Paredes de Coura, Portugal
Lisboa, Portugal
Jamaika Neighborhood, Seixal, Portugal


AkaCorleone (Portugal), Samina (Portugal), Frederico Draw (Portugal), Add Fuel (Portugal), The Empty Belly (Portugal), Mariana a miserável (Portugal), Halfstudio (Portugal) and Tamara Alves (Portugal)

Artworks created


Artist: AkaCorleone | Photo: Pedro Seixo Rodrigues

Artist: Samina | Photo: Duarte Cavalinhos

Artist: Frederico Draw | Photo: Duarte Cavalinhos

Artist: Add Fuel | Photo: Rute Ferraz

Artist: The Empty Belly | Photo: Its Your Studio

Artist: Mariana a miserável | Photo: Rute Ferraz

Artists: Halfstudio | Photo: Duarte Cavalinhos

Artist: Tamara Alves | Photo: Lara Seixo Rodrigues

Date 2018|may

Photo Credit: Rute Ferraz, Duarte Cavalinhos, Lara Seixo Rodrigues and Its Your Studio

Video Credit: Vasco Mendes

On the Map

AVE | Advertising Value Equivalency € 225.836 (€ 225.000 national + € 836 international)

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