Cumul was founded in 2015, in the street art festival Ús Barcelona. Since then, all the projects have been published in the best blogs about art, design and architecture from around the world.

Cumul is a collective of artists, designers and engineers dedicated to the world of the installation. They create visual games with a surreal nature by repeating the everyday objects. With their projects, they manage to create complex visual effects using these basic and rudimentary objects. They play with the visual perception and with understanding what we take for granted. The formal and architectural limits disappear, and the urban landscape becomes the canvas we work on and thus, fantastic scenes that make us doubt the established logic are generated.

Their installations surprise us with the apparent formal simplicity and, at the same time, the visual complexity. Cumul looks for the minimum expression in the form and focuses on the contents. “We don’t make sculptures; we play with the eye and the brain”.

The result is always impressive and harmonious, always with a surreal brushstroke; little pieces that together create a new form with their own entity.