After the success of Tour Paris 13, during the summer of 2014, Galerie Itinerrance took more than 150 artists from 30 different nationalities, to the authentic and traditional village of Erriadh, right in the center of Djerba island transforming it into a space of multicultural expression and a unique open air museum. As Mehdi Ben Cheikh, the mentor of the project, explains, ‘a new adventure, a new movement to a country in formation’.

At the invitation of Itinerrance Gallery, as occurred at the Tour Paris 13 project, Lara Seixo Rodrigues took with her, between the 7th and 15th of July, some of the stand out urban artists of our country to ‘live their distinctive marc in a memorable artistic project. But above all, also take advantage of a unique and memorable experience, both the interaction between artists as the experience of a culture and daily sharing with local and traditional community, as a singular moment in history.

Public Art Project



Galerie Itinerrance (France)


curation and production


Djerba, Tunisia


Add Fuel (Portugal), Mário Belém (Portugal) and Paulo Arraiano (Portugal)

Artworks created


Date works 2014|july
launch 2014|september

Photo Credit: Lara Seixo Rodrigues and Paulo Arraiano

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