Doa Oa (b. 1986) graduated in Artistic Photography and Fine Arts. In 2010, she received a scholarship to continue her training in Guadalajara (Mexico) and in the year after she completed her degree in Lisbon, with another scholarship. 

She has been experimenting with different expressive techniques since that day. Mixes everything in a little bit of nothing, to try to understand something. Doa Oa works with different graphic techniques, photos of sensations, installations with fabric and mural painting. 

Some time after, in 2014, she discovered the possibility of being part of the whole by helping the green kingdom to recover some of its lost space. At that moment, the Reflorestar project begins, thinking about the transformation of public space, through the mural intervention “site specific” with a vegetable theme, with a single ambition to reborn spaces. The engine of this idea is an urgent need to recognize and respect the natural world and all the plant kingdom, and the importance of awakening our awareness to the idea that we are part of a whole, as well as helping the communication between the two kingdoms.

During the past few years, she participated in festivals and interventions in the public space in Portugal, Italy, France, Greece, Morocco and Spain.