Spain | France

Dourone is an artist who began painting graffiti in 1999.

In his hometown (Madrid, Spain) he trained himself as a self-taught artist working in different disciplines, until 2012 when Elodie joined him creating a duo. 

His mural work is present in more than 45 cities and they have painted together more than 90 murals around the world. You can highlight a certified mural heritage of the city of Los Angeles in front of the Staples Center stadium or the mural at the Des Lumières stadium in Lyon, France. There are murals present in Paris, Madrid, Zurich, Miami, Johannesburg. 

His work at the studio has had drastic evolutionary changes until reaching 2018 when he creates the Fragmented Record concept where you can see a closed and conceptual study of the 21st century.

Dourone's work is a record that expresses the adaptation of the human species on a planet that is no longer the same.

Fragmented Record is the name to describe the study of the decomposition of movement / time and emotion / feeling.