São Bento is history, are many stories! Stories of passage, of departures and arrivals, of joys and farewells. It is a place of work and routines and, undeniably, a symbol of past modernity and tradition, rituals and many more. And the atrium of tiles of Jorge Colaço, is still the registry of heroes, of ancestors, of many and many people.

The Espigar nas Gentes* was a start from this and hard climb up to Rua da Madeira and go down to Cimo de Vila. It was to find Largo da Rua Chã and follow to Rua do Loureiro, going through all the alleys and crossroads that slice the road. It was a learning by searching and researching, it was a call to discovery, to observation, to listening to what is this (almost) invisible place of the city.

Espigar in the Gentes was the driving of renowned Portuguese illustrators, in this incessant and inconstant recognition, for an updated portrait of the lives of this place, today's stories, customs, uses, smells and tastes and everything else that is perceived in this territory.

Espigar na Gentes was a celebrated portrait of São bento, who was proudly assumed in the streets and trains of this place.

* Espigar nas Gentes in english means something like ‘Engaging in the People’

Public Art Project



Porto Lazer, Portugal


concept, curation, graphic identity, development, contents and co-production


São Bento Railway Station, Porto, Portugal


André da Loba (Portugal), Júlio Dolbeth (Portugal), Mariana a miserável (Portugal), Mariana Rio (Portugal) e Nicolau (Portugal)


‘Espigar nas Gentes’


‘Espigar nas Gentes’ de Rui Malvarez (Diffuse)

Artworks created


André da Loba x Sr. Henrique

André da Loba x Nikita

Júlio Dolbeth x D. Eduarda

Mariana a miserável x Sr. Carlos Alves

Mariana a miserável x Sr. Guilherme

Mariana Rio x Sr. Fernando Mota

Mariana Rio x Mónica Oliveira

Nicolau x Christian Georgescu

Nicolau x Paulo Alexandre

Artist: André da Loba (Sr. Henrique)

Artist: André da Loba (Nikita)

Artist: Júlio Dolbeth (D. Eduarda)

Artist: Júlio Dolbeth (D. Maria da Conceição)

Artist: Mariana a miserável (Sr. Carlos Alves)

Artist: Mariana a miserável (Sr. Guilherme)

Artist: Mariana Rio (Sr. Fernando Mota)

Artist: Mariana Rio (Mónica Oliveira)

Artist: Nicolau (Christian Georgescu)

Artist: Nicolau (Paulo Alexandre)

Guided tour with the presence of the illustrators and the 'portrayed' ones

Exhibition of posters in the ‘new square’ Locomotiva