ESTAU | Estarreja Urban Art 2018

The 3rd EDITION of ESTAU maintained a similar structure in relation to the previous two years. During the 9 days of the event, it was possible to attend an authentic parade of activities, which once again intended to put Urban Art in dialogue with the city, with people, with heritage and with nature, through murals, installations, workshops, movies, talks, guided tours, music and more.

Were precisely 42, the number of actions in different artistic areas, of different formats and levels of participation, which aimed to respond to a primary desire of the ESTAU organization, to reach a wider and heterogeneous audience interests, ages or gender.

We must highlight that the identity of this 3rd edition was built in a special and communitarian way, giving voice to those who have already passed through ESTAU, who lives in the streets of Estarreja, who watch from near and far, for a few days or for simple moments. All of these testimonies, more than 100, which were transcribed manually for pieces of fabric, were the basis of work for all communication and already in Estarreja built a patchwork, like a flag that was hoisted during the event, right in the center of the city.

* ESTAU was distinguished with the EFFE label, facilitated by the European Festivals Association (EFA), which consists of festivals that stand for artistic quality and have a significant impact on the local, national and international level. Feedback from the International Jury and Hub Experts: "It is considered an innovative artistic proposal specifically designed for a small-town with non-established artistic scene. It is a very recent festival but already a landmark in urban art in terms of its strong internationalization and interface with several artistic languages. Experts underlines the high standard interventions, the good educational program and the thoughtful approach to local community. Following the emergence of similar events throughout the country, a strong and distinctive identity is demanded."
** activity integrated in the program of Mostruário | uma espécie de feira (in english, something like: Showcase | a kind of fair), that takes place at municipal library.

Public Art Event



Estarreja City Council


cultural place-making, concept, naming, curation, development, graphic identity and co-production


Estarreja, Portugal


Add Fuel (Portugal), Marina Capdevila (Spain), Millo (Italy), Regg Salgado (Portugal), TheCaver (Portugal) and Tiago Galo (Portugal)


Spidertag (Argentina/Spain), Aheneah (Portugal) and Frederico Draw (Portugal)

Artistic residencies

André Speedy Garcia (Portugal), Xesta Studio (Portugal), Rute Ferraz (Portugal) and Vasco Mendes (Portugal)


calligraphy oriented by Xesta Studio (Portugal) **
mobile photo + instagram oriented by Voodoolx (Portugal) **
painting on film oriented by Cine Clube Avanca (Portugal)

Guided Tours

for all - oriented by the curator Lara Seixo Rodrigues with portuguese sign language interpreter for kids – oriented by Laboratório de Aprendizagem Criativa (CME)


‘Success and Failure: A Love Story’ by Sónia Teles Fernandes (Portugal) **


‘Faces Places’ by Agnès Varda & JR (France)


‘Estar(reja)’ by Miguel Oliveira (Portugal)


OGBE | Orquestra de Guitarras e Baixos Eléctricos (Portugal) and Senhor Vulcão (Portugal)

Performance | Dance

Plaina by Umpor1 (Portugal)

Artworks created


Artworks featured


Artist: Millo (Weaving)

Artist: Add Fuel (Convergente)

Artist: Marina Capdevila (Greetings from your favourite beach in 2025)

Artist: Regg Salgado (Nobel)

Artist: TheCaver (Quotidiano)

Artist: Tiago Galo (The 4 crafts)

Artist: Spidertag

Artist: Frederico Draw (Limbo)

Installation: ESTAU és tu.

Exhibition: Estar(reja) by Miguel Oliveira

Artistic Residency: Xesta

Artistic Residency: André Speedy Garcia

Guided Tours: Lara Seixo Rodrigues


Mostruário | calligraphy workshop by Xesta

Mostruário | talk by Sónia Teles Fernandes

Mostruário | mobile photo workshop by Voodoo Lx