Fazunchar will be a ‘to make’ for Figueiró dos Vinhos and its people. A party built by different types of Art, in constant dialogue between them, with this community and territory.

It was with this statement that FAZUNCHAR introduced itself to the world and started its work one year after the first contact, which listed a simple (apparently) request: “we need to bring a new dinamic to this municipality and be talked about by something other than fires, tragedies or mistrust”.

From the request, passing through a first visit, to the desire to achieve this transformation took seconds. We quickly perceive the immense and rich identity of Figueiró dos Vinhos, its unique local value, which is multiplied by countless cultural assets, whether historical, archaeological, architectural, linguistic, documentary, artistic, ethnographic, etc; that can (and ask to) be embodied, mirrored and / or exalted by artists, in new values of memory, authenticity, originality, rarity or exemplarity, which is what encourages (re) discovery by local residents and visitation and permanence of visitors

In this immediate and special way, its history (already quite forgotten) in the national arts panorama was also perceived and it was thus assumed, as a desire and objective, with this FAZUNCHAR, to renew the projection of Figueiró dos Vinhos on a national scale, as a producer and stage of artistic and cultural activity, (now) in contemporary times.

The very name of the event, FAZUNCHAR, is a word taken from a ‘local good’ _ laínte (exclusive dialect of textile traders) which means ‘to make’. Because in practice, it was and is what we aspire to with this event, a 'to make' for this territory and its people, because here, as in any other more inland and forgotten places in Portugal, it is urgent to transmit and preserve the corpus of a collective entity.

This first FAZUNCHAR, was built by various types of Art, in constant dialogue between them, with the community and territory. It contemplated mural painting (revisiting places that have already inspired José Malhoa and his contemporaries), installation, concerts, films, community actions and workshops. A total of more than 30 activities that, in different formats and levels of participation, fully open to the public, aspired to respond and involve a heterogeneous public, both with regard to interests, as well as ages or gender.

Through the welcoming programme, the artists were invited to get to know up close and allow recognition from afar, of the innumerable natural, historical, architectural and gastronomic heritage of this region, reinforcing the dialogue (extended and multilateral) that we wanted to produce in this first edition of the FAZUNCHAR, aiming at the creation of a strong and credible brand, capable of generating visibility for itself and above all, for this entire territory.

After the end of the 1st edition of FAZUNCHAR, we believe that it is possible to affirm that the work developed, of direct involvement of the population in the different programmed activities, of understandings, learning and meetings between all, transformed (we want to believe that forever) this territory, at a local and national level.

Over the 9 days of programming, it was possible to recognize a new look from the country to this territory, but also to observe a renewed sense of belonging, of rediscovery, of joy and immense pride in being a Figueiroense. The reflection of this is the total number of participants in the guided tours _ 81 people _ or the more than 2 hundred visitors who visited the exhibition “Memória Fotográfica”, a look at the estate of D. Margarida Herdade Lucas, in the curious building F. R. Ferreira Lanifícios.

Public Art Event



Câmara Municipal de Figueiró dos Vinhos


cultural place-making, concept, naming, curation, development, graphic identity and co-production


Figueiró dos Vinhos, Portugal


Aheneah (Portugal), Halfstudio (Portugal), Julio Anaya Cabanding (Spain) and Mohamed L’Ghacham (Morocco)


João Varela (Portugal)

Artistic residencies

Homem em Catarse (Portugal)

Nuno Sarmento (Portugal)

Rute Ferraz (Portugal)

Vasco Mendes (Portugal)


Illustrate Malhoa with Ana Seixas (Portugal), André da Loba (Portugal), André Letria (Portugal), Margarida Girão (Portugal), Mariana Rio (Portugal) and Tiago Galo (Portugal)

Photographic Memory


LATA 65 | Urban Art Workshop for Seniors (Portugal)
Urban Art in Cross Stitch wiith Aheneah (Portugal)

Guided Tours

for all - oriented by the curator Lara Seixo Rodrigues
for kids – oriented by Marina Prior (CMFV)
unusual places – oriented by Bruno Batista (CMFV)


‘Faces Places’ by Agnès Varda & JR (France)


Homem em Catarse (Portugal), Noiserv (Portugal) and Filarmónica Figueiroense (Portugal)

Community Picnic

Artworks created


Artist: Julio Anaya Cabanding (José Malhoa. Paisagem, 1889)

Artist: Julio Anaya Cabanding (José Malhoa. Paisagem de Figueiró, 1915)

Artist: Julio Anaya Cabanding (José Malhoa. Clara, 1903)

Artist: Aheneah (To Sow)

Artist: Mohamed L’Ghacham (Matança do Porco)

Artist: Halfstudio (Forever)

Artist: João Varela (Aqui Falamos Laínte / Áques Larfamos Laínte)

Artist: João Varela (Olhar / Bidospar)

Artist: João Varela (Meio Metro / Tromé)

Artist: João Varela (100 Escudos / 100 Euzes)

Artist: João Varela (Bem Estar / Cópio Astrar)

Artist: João Varela (Rapariga / Pissalta)

Artist: João Varela (Lã / Pelosa)

Artist: João Varela (Eu / Imes)

Artist: João Varela (Fazer / Fazunchar)

Artistic Residency: Homem em Catarse (music)

Artistic Residency: Nuno Sarmento (drawing)

Artistic Residency: Rute Ferraz (photography)

Exhibition: Illustrate Malhoa | Ana Seixas (À Passagem do Comboio)

Exhibition: Illustrate Malhoa | André da Loba (Rapaz do Campo)

Exhibition: Illustrate Malhoa | André Letria (À Volta da Romaria - estudo)

Exhibition: Illustrate Malhoa | Margarida Girão (Jovens Músicos)

Exhibition: Illustrate Malhoa | Mariana Rio (A Sesta dos Ceifeiros)

Exhibition: Illustrate Malhoa | Tiago Galo (O Fado)

Exhibition: Photographic Memory

Workshop: Lata 65 | Urban Art workshop for Seniors

Workshop: Urban Art in Cross Stitch with Aheneah

Guided tours for all: oriented by Lara Seixo Rodrigues

Guided tours for kids: oriented by Marina Prior

Guided tours to unusual places: oriented by Bruno Batista

Music: Homem em Catarse at Gardens of Casulo de Malhoa

Music: Noiserv at Gardens of Casulo de Malhoa

Music: Arruada by Filarmónica Figueiroense

Community Picnic