FIO | Memórias como Matéria-Prima

The artistic project FIO | Memórias como Matéria-Prima*, of a strong community and participative nature, worked on the memory of the Santa Clara Wool Factory, giving special prominence to its owners and to all who worked on it, honoring in this way, the last years of use of this building.

FIO, in its various stages of development, aimed to activate these patrimonies (material and immaterial) by reading, documenting and inscribing the memories of those who were the last inhabitants of São Francisco, simultaneously giving to the space of the Convent, a special emotional charge, with a very proper meaning, that allows it to function as an agent of intermediation and of connection between diverse communities.

The artistic proposal of FIO took place in 4 (four) phases, both in terms of typology of work and different in relation to the level of community participation that is intended to be achieved, more or less active, although in all desirous of creating direct links with the community, be it an artistic, historical, family or simply local community.

After a first approach to the last inhabitants of the Convent, which was the work base of the entire FIO, a started the artistic activities, promoting a stencil workshop led by the renowned urban artist Samina, with open participation to all the community. This ended, with the painting of the work produced at strategic sites, communicating the whole intention of this project, but also, announcing the opening of the Convent as a cultural equipment to the city.

FIO and all the accumulation of memories registered in the previous phases of work, was extended and cemented in the city of Coimbra and surroundings, through a large mural painting intervention in a prominent place, something that was repeated in the interior of the Convent São Francisco, inviting the entire community to this (re)discovery.

All artistic actions were duly registered and documented, presenting itself as a pretext for the production of a documentary about the memories of the last inhabitants of the Convent, which served as inspiration to the entire FIO.

* Fio | Memórias como Matéria-Prima in english means something like Thread | Memories as Raw Material

Public Art Project



Convento são Francisco | Coimbra City Council


concept, curation, graphic identity, development and production


Coimbra, Portugal


Samina (Portugal)

Artworks created

Phase 01 - community stencil workshop _ 14
Phase 02 - indoor mural _ 1
Phase 03 - documentary 'FIO' _ 1
Phase 04 - outdoor mural _ 1

Date 2016|march - april

Photo Credit: Miguel Oliveira

Video Credit: Rui Malvarez and Luís Mestre (FIM)

On the Map

AVE | Advertising Value Equivalency € 6.314 national

Press highlights

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