First Breath After Coma is a Portuguese post-rock band.

The band hails from Leiria and has played in some of Portugal’s biggest festivals, Paredes de Coura and Primavera Sound. Internationally, they have set foot in Reeperbahn, Eurosonic and The Great Escape.

In the past, the members of First Breath After Coma had already existed in another band. They decided to split and the time spent apart made them find a new converging sound that was influenced by post-rock.

After being selected by FNAC New Talent, they released their first concept album, The Misadventures of Anthony Knivet. As of late, they have been busy touring Europe and showing of the sonic beauty that is Drifter, their 2016 record that was produced using crowdfunding to partially fund the project. This album opened up worlds of melancholic experimentation, merging folk influences and ethereal vocals into their sound. They also expanded their world with guests like Noiserv and André Barros that take their sound further in magnificent tracks like “Nagnami” and “Umbrae”.

After being nominated for best European album of the year with “Drifter” and four European tours in the last two years, First Breath After Coma came back with a third album “NU” released on March the 1st by Omnichord Records.

First Breath After Coma have their mission very well planned and are determined to take their music as far as possible and show their universe to new audiences.