It is difficult to sum up Fred's vast and varied career. He is a musician and producer who was born in Lisbon, and at the age of 15 he was already playing with Yellow W Van. Fred is a drummer for bands like Orelha Negra, Banda do Mar, or 5-30. In addition, he played with Buraka Som Sistema, Mallu Magalhães, Oioai, João Só, Sam The Kid, Micro Audio Waves, BALLA, Adriana Calcanhoto, Clarice Falcão, Cicero, among many others.

Out of the stages, but always connected to music, we can point that Fred is co-founder of the "iá" studio, he created the Kambas label and produced albums by Frankie Chavez, Raquel Tavares, Mafalda Veiga, Diogo Piçarra, O Clube, Lingua Franca, Francis Dale, or Haema.

Besides Portugal, his drums have already been heard in places as different as the USA, in several tours, Japan, Africa, Australia, China, Europe, Russia, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico etc.

Nominated for 2 Grammys, he has won over the years several awards that have encouraged him even more to dive into improving his techniques and skills. In 2019 he released his first solo album “O amor encontra-te no fim” and in the second half of 2021 his second album “Series Vol 1 - Madlib”.

Fred has many lives and it will always be difficult to summarize them in a text, so let's abbreviate by saying that Fred is a musician and producer.