The FUSING Culture Experience emerged in 2013 as the first event that proposed to join in the same space Music, Art, Sport and Gastronomy. It intended to be much more than just a music festival. It was assumed to be a unique experience, which would took advantage and simultaneously contribute to a cultural dynamization of the city of Figueira da Foz.

All the programming areas integrated the most diverse art forms, the various urban tendencies and the multiculturality of genres and styles, through a pertinent cultural, transversal and pedagogical program that allowed us to observe a city flooded by small events, showcookings in the Municipal Market, sports activities on the private beach of the venue, exhibition of pieces in barbershops or butchers, paintings, etc.

WOOL | Covilhã Arte Urbana* was invited to take care of the Art area in this 1st EDITION, which intended to occupy strategic locations of the city, creating a buzz and circuit of temporary visit for the public of the festival and permanent for visitors and residents.

In response to the creation of a circuit that is implanted in the city and will be the memory of this moment of celebration, we gathered a group of urban artists that included the emerging ones (to date) Add Fuel, Mário Belém, Kruella d'Enfer and Daniel Eime, who delivered themselves to the painting of big or medium size murals.

As a proposal for an activity that would lead the public to explore and learn a little more about Figueira da Foz, we create an exhibition, untitled "The art of.using the box", that presented the reinterpretations and all possible transformations that a group of 10 portuguese talents accepted to make to the 10 boxes that were spread through various spaces of the city, judiciously chosen for its history, function (unusual exposure) or location.

* co-organized with Formas Efémeras

Public Art Event



Dois Três Três


curation, development and co-production


Figueira da Foz, Portugal


Add Fuel (Portugal), Daniel Eime (Portugal), Kruella D’Enfer (Portugal), Mário Belém (Portugal) and Samina (Portugal)


stencil oriented by Daniel Eime (Portugal)
illustration oriented by Ana Aragão (Portugal)


‘The art of.using the box’ with Ana Aragão (Portugal), BoardBrothers (Portugal), Filipe Pinto Soares (Portugal), Gemeniano Cruz (Portugal), Hugo Makarov (Portugal), João Cruz (Portugal), Samina (Portugal) and Tamara Alves (Portugal) + 1 (convocatória)


AkaCorleone (Portugal)

Artworks created


Artworks featured


Artist: Add Fuel (Herança Viva)

Artist: Mário Belém

Artist: Daniel Eime (Fuse)

Artist: Kruella d’Enfer (Kitsune Portal)

Artist: Samina (Double Square)

Workshop: Stencil by Daniel Eime

Exhibition: The art of.using the box | Filipe Pinto Soares

Exhibition: The art of.using the box | Ana Aragão

Exhibition: The art of.using the box | Laro Lagosta

Exhibition: The art of.using the box | João Cruz

Exhibition: The art of.using the box | Hugo Makarov

Activation: AkaCorleone