The FVC Group approached Mistaker Maker to hear about the potential and possibility of intervention on an existing structure in one of its developments. After sharing a photograph that would reveal a large water tank, it was with the utmost certainty that we affirmed the magnificent results that these structures allow, which end up becoming, by themselves, unique landmarks of the territories they inhabit.

Aiming to enhance this affirmation in the locality, community involvement and a desirable connection with the work, we invited the 'local' artist Mário Belém to this mission, which was assumed with an "increased responsibility by making a proposal for my land".

"Despite already being a fairly developed suburban nucleus, Carcavelos still has a very present village component. People get to know each other and interact on a day-to-day basis, at a relatively calm pace and interact with the environment."

This was how the artist Mário Belém presented his proposal to us, with a reading of the local experience. A daily experience that he tried to bring to his intervention, photographing real people, as a basis for the figures that make up his proposal that invades the entire volume, making its reading and perception quite dynamic.

And so, in "So much if you do me... as if you did to me, so much you did that now it doesn't matter..." which gives its name to the intervention that today inhabits Carcavelos and asserts itself as a new singular landmark of this territory, perhaps the local may come to recognize the person who is usually behind the coffee counter, any gardener, a surfing champion or a builder of Portuguese guitars, among so many other local 'characters'.

Site Specific Art Intervention



FVC Group


curation and production


Alagoa Office & Retail Center, Carcavelos


Mário Belém (Portugal)

Artworks created


Date: 2022 | april

Photo and Video Credit: Chris Costa and Gregz

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