The turn of the century presented us with a range of paradigms on which we as a society should deal urgently. One of these realities is the environment and global climate change.

The system of production and consumption, based on the continuous exploitation of finite resources, will inevitably lead us to a civilizational rupture if we don't reflect and work together to change this process.

It is on the basis of this premise that the role of Art as a catalyst for ideas and a tool for critical thinking and action becomes increasingly fundamental.

The artistic intervention in the public space acquires relevance and protagonism, not only for its open and impactful character, but essentially, for the proximity and dialogue that establishes with the public and the communities, key elements for the construction of a sustainable, common and possible future.

The path that we must follow is transverse to a political position, conceptually conscious and challenging of the problematic in question and it is the same, the unique characteristic of this project: a path marked by the posture, by the themes, by the conceptual and / or linguistic processes, by the materialities and all that is unique in the work of these artists, who not only make this walk with us, but also help us to carve this trip.

This SUSTAINED ROUTE, curated by Lara Seixo Rodrigues and Miguel Januário, is a unique way, a singular confrontation, both by the physical forms it acquires based on creation and thought, as well as by the seemingly intangible issues with which it challenges us, directing us to a call of attention and to the urgency of reflection based on a common denominator: the environment.

Public Art Event



Vila Nova de Gaia City Council


co-curation, development and production


Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal


Andreco (Italy), Bordalo II (Portugal), Cúmul (Spain), Filipe Pinto Soares (Portugal), Isaac Cordal (Spain), Jaune (Belgium), Marco Mendes (Portugal), Mariana a miserável (Portugal), Nicolau (Portugal), Pascal Ferreira (Portugal), Pastel (Argentina), Third (Portugal) and ±MaisMenos± (Portugal)

Artworks created


Artist: Andreco (Climate Change Consequences in Portugal)

Artist: Bordalo II (Half Rabbit)

Artists: Cúmul (Halo)

Artist: Filipe Pinto Soares (Unite!)

Artist: Isaac Cordal (Os Vizinhos)

Artist: Jaune (Cascata de Jaune)

Artist: ±MaisMenos± (±FINITO±)

Artist: Marco Mendes (Miramar)

Artist: Mariana a miserável (Ouvi dizer que é mito)

Artist: Nicolau (Where does our body end?)

Artist: Pascal Ferreira (Último fôlego)

Artist: Pastel

Artist: Third (Gaia)