National Geographic and the project Lata 65 allied themselves to the initiative "Genius: Picasso's Street" which, inspired by the television series "Genius: Picasso", comes through urban art to challenge society's prejudices, challenging it to look at the Third Age with other eyes, leaving behind all stereotypes.

#GénioNãoTemIdade* is the motto of the initiative that invited about 25 seniors from various institutions with the aim of showing everyone that it is never too late to continue creating, in clear inspiration in whom was considered one of the greatest artists of the 20th century, and who until the age of 91 created works of art recognized throughout the world.

In Lisboa, this initiative had the help of three portuguese street artists, Adrião Resende, João Samina and Tamara Alves, who together with these elders created a panel on a very special street that could be visited during several months at LXFactory.

* means in english ‘genius has no age’


There is a street
where age does not weigh,
Where wrinkles are not marks,
are stories with crease.
Where the hands do not lose their strength,
gain the courage to do more.
Where the loneliness does not arrive,
shakes with the paint of a brush.
Where youth has no time limit,
has a long life.
Where age does not impose the rules,
break them.
There is a street
where old age is not a shadow,
is a full and happy color.

This street can be yours.

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National Geographic | FOX Networks Group Portugal


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LXFactory, Lisboa, Portugal


LATA 65 | urban art workshop for seniors (Portugal)

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