The appeal was constant, it was only a matter of time. The interpretation that MAR (b. 1975) makes of the environment that involves him as an artist must be painted.

At the age of 12 he already drew figures of his imagination with a bit of chalk in the asfalt. Over the years his professional choice was natural. During his academy course- graduated in Fashion Design in F.A.L.- he applies to a place in a Portuguese animation studio - Magic Toons, as  a drawer. 

It's by this time, in 1998, that he had his first experience with graffiti.

Since then, moved by his artistic convictions, MAR looks for constant evolution together and for the graffiti movement-which is evolving globally. 

MAR works also with different nacional fashion brands. Known by his pairs for his characters, he stands out for the way he builds his characters and atmospheres giving them lines and shapes that make them unique.

Nowadays, his artistic aim has to do with the exploration of new urban spaces, and with the never ending evolution in the visual field, as well as in the graphic one, that graffiti can still offer.