Hugo Martins (b. 1979) grew up surrounded by an intense and immense amount of classic films, history books, comics and photographs, a scenario that has contributed to the unlimited universe of references that have always accompanied him in his taste for drawing, as well as his adopted nickname Makarov, after a Russian pistol maker.

He takes a course in Portuguese-French, escapes to History, publishes in the Faculty's newspaper, and slips into advertising, which was quickly interrupted by his passion for tattoos, his great drawing school.

Through illustration he returned to advertising, always as a freelancer and his profile ‘of no ordinary tattoo artist’, as one would say, justifies the variety of projects in which he is involved.

In short, Hugo Makarov dedicates himself to drawing, on the skin, on the walls, on books, storyboards and children's books, on pieces of cardboard or paper tablecloths and continues to fill notebooks in a mind-blowing and completely visceral way.