The elderly, although they represent the main risk group for Covid-19, especially with regard to the risk of death, are also being plagued by an even greater psychological and social isolation than is normally the case, unfortunately.

Isolation shared by almost the entire population at this time, and that those responsible for the artistic platform Mistaker Maker want to help minimize using the tool they work with daily: ART.

For Lara Seixo Rodrigues, founder of Mistaker Maker, this is an especially close topic. 
Just like when she launched the street art workshop for the elderly - Lata 65 - also now, together with a group of 40 artists, she decided to act, contributing, voluntarily, to the inclusion and monitoring of the elderly in this very difficult moment .

The challenge launched by Mistaker Maker to the various authors was simple: 
create 'something' capable of arousing empathy in an elderly person, pulling out a smile, lifting him off the couch, firming up a positive thought or feeding his soul in the strange days they are living, cementing the certainty that there is someone nearby or away, taking care of you.

40 authors from various areas and artistic backgrounds: illustrators, visual artists, calligraphers, writers, urban artists, architects accepted the challenge and created QUARANTINE WORKBOOK | 40 ideas to make the most of your time.

This initiative involves authors such as ± MaisMenos ±, Aheneah, AkaCorleone, André Letria, José Lourenço, Mariana a miserável, Nevesman (cover author), Pantónio, among many others - full list at the end of the document.

This Quarantine Workbook, thus presents itself as a compendium of illustrations to paint, with stories, messages, 'beginnings of conversation', puzzles, illustrated words, 'new forms of communication' between the elderly and the world, between grandparents and grandchildren. Messages that in their most varied forms can initiate a contact, conversation, an approach, but also be sent / exchanged for purchases or deliveries that are made in the homes of these elderly people by volunteers, etc.

Basically, Sebenta gathers content capable of occupying time and feeding the soul of those who face enormous loneliness.

It is intended that this Sebenta is printed and distributed free of charge to the elderly who have support from the Parish Councils at national level through volunteers, but Sebenta is also available online on a website specially created for this purpose, in which it is possible to download this content so that people (including the elderly) who have access to new technologies can also participate in this inclusion movement associated with the arts.

It is a non-profit initiative, built entirely through donations from Mistaker Maker itself, the authors and the companies that have joined this project, and the organizers of Sebenta da Quarentena expect to see the number of associated institutions and territory covered by action to grow over the next few weeks.

The Mistaker Maker team also encourages people to share the content they create using the hashtag #sebentadaquarentena on social media, if they have access to these tools. If that is not a possibility, you can always send the contents to the Mistaker Maker team through the Sebenta website or social networks so that the organizers of this initiative can share the results of this initiative publicly, thus also encouraging inclusion.