Mistaker Maker was invited by the Klaipėda Culture Communication Center (KKKC) to present a public art intervention by a Portuguese artist, at the 1st Triennial of Public Art in Klaipeda, Lithuania,

This invitation led us to discover a territory that has belonged to many states or countries for over a thousand years, in which we can find traces of the presence of medieval Baltic tribes, Teutonic Knights, a Nazi Germany during World War II and of a former Soviet Union. We were naturally inspired by the rich and immense 'multilayer' history of the city of Klaipéda and the specific context of the intervention, attached to the Lithuanian Minor History Museum, where you can find a precious collection of tiles reflecting all the 'layers' mentioned previously.

To respond to an intervention that aims to reflect, exalt and embody all the historical values mentioned, in new values of originality and exemplarity, we challenged the artist Add Fuel, recognized for his work of reinterpreting traditional ceramic tiles. The choice in the aesthetics and process of this artist also aims to respond to a concrete goal of creating a new discursive, dynamic and interactive space, capable of assuming and triggering dialogues between Public Art, Street Art, heritage and Community.

Specifically, the artist developed his proposal based on traces of the 14th to 19th centuries belonging to the local archive, connecting the historical context of the port city of Klaipéda to a work of contemporary art and public space.

We must thank to all the team of KKKC for the invitation, for the excellent and warm welcome, specially to Ignas Kazakevičius, Monika Milinė and Indre Jočienė. Also to the rest of our colleagues on the panels presented at the Triennal, Laima Nomeikaite, Barbara Sroka, Tomas Grigalevicius, Raimonda Nabazaite and Goda Giedraityte.

Was an amazing experience and "Klaipéda will never be the same".

Site Specific Art Intervention



Klaipėda Culture Communication Center (KKKC)


curation, development and production


Klaipeda, Lituânia


Add Fuel (Portugal)

Artworks created