LATA 65 | urban art workshop for seniors

LATA 65 is an initiative for the elderly within the urban art, in its genesis developed by WOOL | Covilhã Urban Art in partnership with CoworkLisboa.

It emerged in 2012, from the spontaneous observation, at each new intervention performed by WOOL, of the simplicity and naturalness with which Urban Art reached the various age groups, particularly the ‘elder residents’ of our performance areas. Especially in Covilhã, those 'locals' became our companions and spectators of all hours. Every day we witnessed the daily and nightly pilgrimages of the elderly people, who left their homes, not to go to Mass or a usual cards game, but to follow all details of the painting performances. We heard (here and at other locations) a thousand stories about what might be emerging on the walls and it moved us hearing things like 'my city regained its colours.'

Therefore LATA 65 | urban art workshop for seniors emerged as a challenge, to take this interest shown by Urban Art beyond, with precise intentions:

  • to bring the less young closer to a form of artistic expression usually associated with younger ones;
  • to prove that concepts such as ACTIVE AGEING and intergenerational solidarity make more sense every day;
  • to demonstrate that Urban Art has the POWER TO FOMENT, TO PROMOTE AND TO VALUE the DEMOCRATIZATION OF the ACCESS to the Contemporary ART;
  • to demonstrate that age is just a number.

After the first workshop and all other following actions, we (still) can confirm that:

  • it is possible and DESIRABLE to AWAKEN, MOTIVATE and EXCITE the elderly through Urban Art;
  • it is desirable to present to these generations NEW ACTIVITIES, NEW TECHNIQUES associated with youth, as a way to escape and to break routines, GENERATING QUALITY, JOVIALITY and WELL-BEING in their lives.

LATA 65 it is presented as a workshop taught in totally relaxed working environments, ideal for learning a variety of intervention techniques used in the streets and working directly with some of the best urban artists today.




Portugal | Lisboa, Torres Vedras, Ponta Delgada (S. Miguel, Azores), Juncal do Campo, Verride, Abrunheira, Vila Nova da Barca, Covilhã, Porto, Seixal, Fundão, Estarreja, Arganil, Torres Novas, Amadora, Vila Franca de Xira, Figueiró dos Vinhos, Lousã, Ourém, Vila de Rei, Abrantes, Sertã, Vila Nova da Barquinha and Mação.
Brazil | S. Paulo
Spain | Valencia
USA | Houston
UK | Scotland, Aberdeen
Canada | Stouffville, Toronto

Number attendees

720 (138 men)

Older attendee

102 years old

Photo Credits: Rui Gaiola, Miguel Oliveira, Sara Pinheiro, Rui Soares and Lara Seixo Rodrigues

On the Map

AVE | Advertising Value Equivalency 2016 € 1.384.161 (€ 738.760 national + € 645.401 international)

AVE | Advertising Value Equivalency 2017 € 991.579 (€ 92.272 national + € 899.307 international)

AVE | Advertising Value Equivalency 2018 € 54.990 (€ 30.412 national + € 24.579 international)

AVE | Advertising Value Equivalency 2019 € 1.008.810 (€ 96.396 national + € 912.415 international)

AVE | Advertising Value Equivalency 2020 € 68.082 (€ 64.494 national + € 3.588 international)

AVE | Advertising Value Equivalency 2021 € 14.293 national

AVE | Advertising Value Equivalency 2021 € 116.518 national

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