‘Louvor da Vivacidade’* tile mural by Add Fuel in Lisbon, dictates the closure of the already designated Azulejo (Traditional Portuguese Tile) Route, a path that has in the last decades branded this important Lisbon axis and where one can find tile panels by renowned Portuguese artists — Maria Keil (1959), Carlos Botelho (1959), Júlio Pomar and Alice Jorge (1959), Sá Nogueira (1959) and Eduardo Nery (1994 and 2001).

The mural ‘Louvor da Vivacidade’ intends to recover the Azulejo's artistic expression, which reflects its historical, architectural, memory and tradition, by bringing it to the present. This way, the use of azulejo — undeniably one of Portugal's identity elements — is used, but with a contemporary aesthetic and approach: the artist's unique trait.

As characterised in his body of work, Add Fuel reinterpreted the street's existing azulejos, specifically the historical panels one can find in the staircases. From these panels, the artist selected key patterns and compositions, which set the base for the creation of a massive 200 sqm panel, as an homage to the previous pieces. In his own words: "Within this controlled chaos, I created a dynamic composition, with elements based on Estrela neighbourhood’s history; a place of long forgotten fishermen with a deep connection to the sea. I believe these elements will work out to have the necessary strength this tribute deserves."

This project was also possible due to the partnership created with Revigés, a 100% Portuguese ceramic company with 40 years of activity.

* ‘Louvor da Vivacidade’ in english means something like ‘Praise to Liveliness’ or ‘Praise to a Living City’

Site Specific Art Intervention



Estrela Parish | Lisboa


concept, development, partner management and production


Lisboa, Portugal


Add Fuel (Portugal)

Artworks created


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Date 2017|september

Photo Credit: Ana Pires and Hugo Moura

Video Credit: Ana Pires

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AVE | Advertising Value Equivalency € 27.015 (€ 23.398 national + € 3.617 international)

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