Mariana Santos, better known as “Mariana A Miserável” (the miserable one), is a non-award winning illustrator. Having to support a cat with expensive tastes, she practices her craft in her home studio in Porto, Portugal.

At 18 she left her hometown Leiria, in Portugal, to study Graphic Design at ESAD and afterwards attended the first year of a Masters at FBAUP, in Porto. 

Despite her field of study she decided to make herself even more unattractive to employment by choosing to pursue a career in her main talent and passion, illustration, fully committing her heart, soul and wallet to a miserable life.

Since then she has managed to produce multiple solo and group exhibitions, in Portugal and abroad, worked for big brands, renowned design studios, publishing houses, taught in universities, recognised by art critics, featured in most of the Portuguese press and internacional design publications.

Currently living in Porto, she continues to develop a body of work that spans illustration fields. From canvas in galleries to walls in buildings, from fashion accessories to online content and other multiple mediums, Mariana is a talented and hard working artist.