Marina Capdevila (b. 1985) is a painter and Illustrator based in Barcelona.

After studying Fine Arts in Barcelona she moved to Rotterdam to study an erasmus program at the Willem de Kooning Academy and work in Wallis&Mosman studio and Studio Piraat as a graphic designer. 

Back in Barcelona she studied The Creative Illustration Master at Eina school and after that, she started her career as a freelance illustrator working in advertising and developing her personal work in her studio.


What inspires Marina is the beauty that doesn’t follow the usual aesthetic canons as old people, timeless characters lost in a society that they are already beginning to struggle to understand. Her muse is her grandmother.

What she wants to communicate with her artworks is the desire to reach old age with full vitality. The resources of exaggeration and irony are key points in her creations, as well as a powerful color chart combined with a soft shading inspired in the Renaissance technique Sfumato.