Moneyless (b. 1980) is an Italian artist whose art is a combination of graffiti and fine art backgrounds, from which the artist has been able to develop a unique style of geometric art. It is characterized by an investigation on the rawest elements of life and focuses on a process of continuous evolution.

Teo was born in Milan and raised in Tuscany where he was a member of the 90’s graffiti scene. After his studies at Multimedia and Communication Design at Carrara Fine Art Academy and Isia in Florence, he developed an artistic identity with a signature geometric style.

By “wanting to undress the letters from the alphabetical presence” he started focusing on the pureness of the shape, the presence of geometry in the fundamentals of life, gradually taking distance from walls and lettering. His artistic research, relieved by the weight of a fixed form, made his style move towards a pure geometry ontology.

Moneyless’ aesthetic seems to quote a Platonic vision where geometry is represented as the structure, the foundation upon which all nature is built. Fire, air, water and earth are the basic elements of existence and they come out from the multiplication of the main geometrical figure, the triangle, or better said: division rather than multiplication, because it’s through subtraction that Moneyless looks into evolution. No matter what surface his work takes, Moneyless is always striving to explore different ways to interpret dimensionality.

The simplicity of the material and the patterns he uses, triggers complex associations from within the audience due to his subversion of the familiar spaces by putting something alien in it. So, we could say that more than abstract, these shapes Moneyless creates are alienated, they live in the world of ideas, far more than the physical. They only represent ideas of reality, as Moneyless would say.

The strongest impression this author makes on his audience with each new work is that he is simply kinetic, always on the move towards new territories both physical and conceptual.