Mosaik (b. 1975, Oeiras) belongs to the second generation of writers (Graffiti artists) from Portugal.

Known from an early age for his newschool style that he has been using since 1993, Mosaik was a member of the first and most famous working group in Lisbon the PRM, and later the FIVESTAR group. Now Mosaik is a part of the THUNDERS that still represents the best that is done in Graffiti in the country. 

Architect of styles focused on urban nature, Mosaik always tries to elevate his art to different levels. Known for his precise strokes and clean pieces, he always mixed both schools, in a futuristic and innovative style, that makes him stand out on the street. 

Known for using unusual chromatic palettes and mixing meaningless colors in his pieces has always been another feature that made him stand out and leave his mark.