MURALIZA | Mural Art Festival 2015

It is known by some, that the coast line of Cascais is arguably the birthplace of all artistic expressions of street in Portugal.

MURALIZA, design by Lara Seixo Rodrigues and Mário Belém and produced by Mistaker Maker, comes to seize this episode of the latest and artistic history of Cascais, bringing a renewal of this status, forgotten or unknown to many.

This festival intends more than creating 'graffiti or street art', leaving considerations about these universes on the sidelines, the painting of large murals, where the theme crafted will always be Cascais, as an exaltation to the numerous and unique features, legends, heritage and personalities of the region by setting up a new point of tourist and cultural interest of the city.

For its 2nd EDITION, MURALIZA expanded the group of activities and number of artists. As designed, the group of artists, curated by Lara Seixo Rodrigues and Mário Belém, presented local, national and international talents, that once more were inspired by the local identity.
In a similar way to the first edition, were made interventions through the village of Cascais and other elements / supports, such as doors / gates and electricity boxes.
Also, was conducted a stencil workshop, open to all public like the guided tours oriented by Lara Seixo Rodrigues.

Public Art Event



Cascais (historic center), Portugal


Millo (Italy), Bosoletti (Argentina), Frederico Draw (Portugal), Third (Portugal), Samina (Portugal), Mário Belém (Portugal), Add Fuel (Portugal), Carmelino (Portugal) and Altura (Portugal)


stencil oriented by Samina (Portugal)

Guided Tours

oriented by the curator Lara Seixo Rodrigues

Artwork created


Artist: Millo (Don’t take to serious) | Photo: Rui Gaiola

Artist: Bosoletti (Boca do Inferno) | Photo: Rui Gaiola

Artist: Third (Muraliza 2015) | Photo: Rui Gaiola

Artist: Samina | Photo: Rui Gaiola

Artist: Frederico Draw (Cascaes) | Photo: Rui Gaiola

Artist: Add Fuel (AZ114 + AZ116) | Photo: Rui Gaiola

Artist: Add Fuel (AZ113 + AZ115) | Photo: Rui Gaiola

Artist: Mário Belém (Brave New World + Moby Dick) | Photo: Rui Gaiola

Artist: Mário Belém (Doi-me a vida aos molhos) | Photo: Rui Gaiola

Artist: Carmelino (Liberdade + Bravura) | Photo: Rui Gaiola

Artist: Altura (Don Quixote + The Invisible Cities) | Photo: Rui Gaiola

Artists: Bosoletti & Add Fuel | Photo: Lara Seixo Rodrigues