MURO | Lisboa Street Art Festival 2016

In 2016, Lisboa saw the first Urban Art festival happen. MURO, organized by GAU (Urban Art Gallery) of the Lisboa City Council, would have as epicenter the Neighborhood Padre Cruz because it presented “a series of urban, architectural and logistic conditions, as well as a diverse social tissue and associative mass, which were particularly favorable to the implementation of the initiative.”

During the 15 days of the event, it was possible to follow the work of more than 30 national and foreign artists, as a result of a shared curation between Lara Seixo Rodrigues, Vhils, Miguel Negretti, Pedro Soares Neves, Ana Vilar Bravo and Pariz One.

The program of this 1st edition of MURO also included conferences, cinema, workshops, music and street animation.

* Muro means wall in Portuguese

Public Art Event



GAU | Lisboa City Council


co-curation and co-production


Padre Cruz Neighborhood, Lisboa, Portugal


Borondo (Spain), Add Fuel (Portugal), Bordalo II (Portugal), Mário Belém (Portugal) and The Empty Belly (Portugal)


LATA 65 | urban art workshop for seniors (Portugal)

Artworks created


Artist: Add Fuel (Comvida)

Artist: Bordalo II (Pig)

Artist: Borondo (Rivers – chapter I)

Artist: Borondo (Rivers – chapter II)

Artist: Mário Belém (Sonha Mais Alto)

Artist: The Empty Belly

Workshop: Lata 65 | Urban Art Workshop for Seniors