Nature Remix

In the beginning of 2016, Mistaker Maker was challenged by the FunnyHow? agency to join the Strongbow activation campaign, the world's leading sales cider. The campaign that would mark the communication of the brand during the following months, was called 'Nature Remix' and intended to transmit to consumers the natural origins of cider, giving consumers their flavors.

In the scope of this campaign and in addition to the usual tastings actions, the brand intended to promote actions of transformation of the city, the first of them created by the urban artist (immediately indicated by us) Bordalo II, at LXFactory.

In the construction of this installation, which integrated its 'Big Trash Animals' body of work, Bordalo II used plastic works ducts, shower curtains, gas pipes, bumpers, metallic nets and various plastics, in order to delineate a bee, symbol that represents the Strongbow honey cider, but at the same time, touches on a crucial point for the artist: "the concept around this piece aims to alert to the extinction of bees, especially in cities, which is particularly alarming, since pollination is crucial for the planet and for the balance of ecosystems.”

This piece and the unique process of its execution would be chosen to be protagonist of the global campaign of the brand, that started in South Africa and which had the participation of projects from six other countries.

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LXFactory, Lisboa, Portugal


Bordalo II (Portugal)

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