In its 2015 edition, NOS ALIVE featured "seven unique looks on the tree of the logo, through the intervention of seven artists. A tree that means to be alive (and live) and requires transformation, like a child who becomes young and a young person who becomes an adult."

To the six existing stages, a new area dedicated entirely to Urban Art was added. A seventh space that received several interventions by some of the most recognized artists of this artistic expression: Add Fuel, Ana Aragão, Arraiano, Burry Buermans, Godmess, Mário Belém and Tamara Alves.

At the invitation of the Gerador Cultural Association, Mistaker Maker | Platform for Artistic Intervention assumed, in this project, the role of curator, agent and producer in respect to the actions of Urban Art.

Public Art Event | Marketing Activation



Associação Cultural Gerador


curation, development and production


Oeiras, Portugal


Add Fuel (Portugal), Ana Aragão (Portugal), Arraiano (Portugal), Burry Buermans (Portugal), Frederico Draw (Portugal), Godmess (Portugal), Mário Belém (Portugal) and Tamara Alves (Portugal)

Artworks created