Pantónio (b. 1975) is the pseudonym of António Correia, a native of the islands of the Azores, Portugal.

Since he was a teenager he has had an interest and daily practice in drawing and painting.

He studied drawing and photography at the Professional School of Artistic Crafts in Vila Nova de Cerveira and Graphic Arts Technologies at the Polytechnic Institute of Tomar.

He worked in animation design, advertising and children's illustration.

In 2005 he was distinguished at the Macaronesian Young Artists Show for his illustration work.

Since 2011 he has dedicated himself exclusively to his artistic work and in the field of urban art.

He individually exhibited in 2011 in Lisbon and in 2014 and 2017 in Paris. His urban art projects are visible in several countries of North America, South America, Europe, North Africa and China. Among them we can highlight: the tallest mural in Europe with 66 meters high, which he painted in 2014 in Paris and the facade of the Aquarium of Pacífic (2015).

His current work project is essentially the gesture of drawing, and the movement of organic forms. Animals in groups with movements and interactions inspired by the sea, as well as reduced and uniform and concise colors between blacks, blues and greens.