Paul Neberra is from Mainz (Germany), where he spent part of his childhood, moving with his family to Portugal in the 80's.

After his degree in Graphic Design he worked as an illustrator in a small children's magazine project. In the following years, between 2006 and 2007 he worked in a small advertising agency and after that, he found a teaching post at a Lisbon training school, dedicating the next 5 years teaching graphic software, always creating illustrations, mostly using a digital process.

After 2013 he decided to devote himself entirely to painting, participating in various group shows and individual exhibitions.

His work was featured in various art magazines, including Catapult, Blopop, Hey, among others.

At first glance some of Neberra's works look like paintings of the classic Era. It is between the Renaissance and the Baroque that we can identify his pictorial technique and style, but it is in the details that we understand more contemporary aspects. You can spot UFO’s, creatures of the imagery inspired by the movies and emblematic TV shows of the 50’s, 60’s and 80’s.

As for the preferential theme of Neberra, we find melancholy wrapped in mystical contours tempered with a little sarcasm. His characters can sometimes be painted in a realistic figurative way, but others are like an elaborate version of cartoons.

In addition to collective exhibitions in the United States, Australia, Italy, Portugal and England his work has been published in several Blog's and some contemporary art magazines.