BSA on Fine Arts at the Polytechnic University of Valencia, Paula Bonet (b. 1980) completes her education in PUC (Santiago de Chile), NYU (New York) and Kaus Urbino (Italy). 

She used to work engraving (lithography, screen printing, chalcography) and oil painting techniques. In 2009 started introducing illustration in her works.

In 2013 illustrates the album “Léeme”, published by Andana Editorial. She also illustrates Estel Solé’s poem book “Si uneixes tots els punts” published by Editorial Galerada. In 2014 appears “Qué hacer cuando en la pantalla aparece The End” her first book, composed by 40 short stories (Lunwerg Editorial) and “La pequeña Amelia se hace mayor”, a pop up children’s book (Editorial Combel). “813” is her second book, a tribute to the French film director François Truffaut (La Galera, february 2015).

Her drawings have been exhibited in Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Porto, Paris, London, Belgium, Urbino and Berlin.

Her work, full of poetry, has many ramifications, such as press illustrations (Diari Ara, Revista Kireei, Revista Calle 20, Ling, ESCAC, Caràcters, Le Cool), sceneries, music posters (The Black Keys, Vetusta Morla, Jacko Hooper) or mural paintings.